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I think there are some really helpful videos on Youtube so here are some:
Study Area Organization
School Tips: Notes
School Supplies + Study Tips
How I set up my Bullet Jounal
Memory Techniques 
Concentration Tips
Taking Notes and Studying
How to Study for a Test
How to Manage Your Time Better
How to Stay Organized/Motivated for School
My Successful Study Tips
How To Get Straight As
Be Mentally Strong
How to Stop Procrastination
If you know other helpful Youtube Videos for students or if a link isn´t working please message me!

WWCBD is a common question amongst newly graduated (even current collegiate) ladies in NYC. The common question remains, are you a Carrie? (Ahem, ahem… most of us would readily admit this) Charlotte, Samantha, or Miranda? 

Let’s begin with “The Carrie Bradshaw Myth" article written by Faran Krentcil for What would Carrie do as a brand new graduate in NYC? Obviously spend all her money on Manolos. But then let’s not forget about rent. Unless your splitting your rent about 12 ways on the UES, you can’t afford to purchase Manolos on a regular basis and pay rent. In college (which I’m currently in), we have these thoughts of "I want to be the next ‘It Girl’ of NYC." I want to be Carrie Bradshaw! I want to write a column about my God-awful relationships and get paid next to nothing for it. Carrie is too "flimsy" (to put it nicely). She can’t keep her bank account straight nor her men. Yes, there was always Big, but seriously? I think that he’s a huge jerk. Yes, he does have a full head of hair which is a total anomaly for a man of that age, but that doesn’t detract from his constant jerk-y ways. Not that Carrie helps the situation, she’s needy and to quote Ms. Krentcil of, "Despite her ‘girls just want to be free’ party line, Carrie Bradshaw needs a guy to make her feel complete."

So what would millennial Carrie Bradshaw do?


I decided that now is the time to work on my New Years goals. 

I don’t even know what I’d like my goals to be… being more organized makes the most sense, but that’s a pretty broad statement and I’d have to break it down more. I love Carly’s video and blog post about how to set goals and keep to them. (A major problem for me!)

I’d like to go to the gym more often, but I have to come up with a schedule. I’m the laziest person ever, so I need a plan to keep with. 

I found this plan by Blogilaties: Blogilaties Fit Journal

I’m debating on whether the $30 is worth it, I could definitely do Weight Watchers again ($18 a month) and work from there. 

There are definitely more goals popping up. Does anyone know of a good organizational app?

Thank You Card Importance 

I think that Thank You cards are the most important thing when attempting to maintain a relationship with a former boss or even a close friend. I’m pretty convinced that I was offered my internship at a major magazine because I wrote a Thank You card to the editor who interviewed me. (In addition to my previous internship experience)

Thank You cards show can show professionalism and gratitude. Writing one to a former boss after she met with you for half an hour can make a mile of differences to your relationship with her/him. Also, sending one to a friend shows her that you care about her time and don’t just talk to her for “me, me, and me”. It doesn’t have to be something incredibly professional for your friend, but a cute or witty card might work. 

This video was the inspiration for this post and here are some of the YouTuber’s tips:

1. Send a Thank You card ASAP

2. When writing to a former boss make sure that you address them properly, such as: Mrs. Christy Hammersmith, not Christy Hammersmith. Please don’t forget that you’re not logged into Facebook while writing these letters! No abbreviations (Such as NY)! Be formal! 

LevoLeague has a great article (An Ode to the Importance of Thank You Cards)  on when and what to write in a Thank You


Amanda Catherine Designs on Etsy

I recently regained my interest in decorating my room in inspirational quotes and cutesy  pictures. Inspirational quotes inspire you to become their saying or can plain make you happy because they’re so witty or so “you”. I came across Amanda Catherine Designs on Etsy a while back via Carly of The College Prepster

Amanda Catherine Designs designs amazing posters of famous and fabulous quotes and images. Which are your favorites? Link them down below

Here are some of my favorites:

Happiness is a Room full of Books and a Closet Full of Shoes

She Decided To Start Living The Life She Imagined

Or this complete set: